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Your fingers are guided down to each piano key at the correct moment. Muscle memory is developed from the finger sleeve signals and wrist pilot movements training you play songs without the Concert Hands System in a very short period of time. The Concert Hands gives you the sort of unparalleled playing capability and outstanding piano performance that is only possible using Rubato Productions Augmented Musical Instrument Technology. The timing of the finger sleeves will have you gradually anticipating the finger movements as well as anticipating the arrival time of your hands to each location on the keyboard. The Concert Hands System gives you a natural feel and playing performance for each song by allowing the natural reflex action of your fingers to release each piano key.

An adjustable stand connected to a track with two wrist pilots, two sets of finger signal sleeves, two motors, controller and a power supply. A lap top computer is running the Concert Hands software program.

Rubato Productions is proud to present the Concert Hands System, a brand new product for learning to play the Piano, Electronic Keyboard or Single Keyboard Organ. The Concert Hands has you playing in minutes. Features consist of wrist pilots that gently guide your hands to each area of the keyboard and custom designed finger sleeves that lightly signal each finger as to when to press the piano keys. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a complete beginner and no matter where you wish to play stage, studio or the comfort of your home, you’ll love playing the piano with the Concert Hands System. The Concert Hands System incorporates Augmented Musical Instrument Technology with an Easy-To-Use software program, giving you the most exciting piano playing experience possible. The two easy gliding wrist pilots deliver your hands at the right time to the right locations on the piano keyboard. Finger sleeves attach to each of your fingers, with your hands held in a few hand positions.

Finger sleeves signal your own fingers in real time. Within minutes you’re beginning to play songs that typically would have taken months or even years to play. The Concert Hands System makes it fast and easy for beginners to start playing advanced songs right away! The Concert Hands System works with children ages 6 and up, but pre-teens may need to be supervised in attaching finger sleeves and for safe operation of the Concert Hands System. This is a great way for you to get involved with your child's piano playing. If as a parent you don't know how to play the piano, you might enjoy trying out the Concert Hands System along with your child. You'll both find it very rewarding. Children make the best progress when practicing is fun. To convince your child that practice is fun, show an interest in his or her progress during and after practice. Your excitement about your child's progress can really inspire him or her to continue. For piano teachers, the Concert Hands System can enhance your teaching by having your students feel what it’s like to play big songs in early learning stages. This builds confidence and makes learning fun. Timing is learned through wrist pilot arrival time for hand placement and finger sleeve signaling for piano key press timing. When practice is varied and fun, students tend to practice more regularly! Amateur and professional pianists can work on difficult or unfamiliar pieces and bring them up to speed faster.

You can record, save and playback your performance on keyboards with recording capabilities. Listen to the song files with headphones or through the speakers of your computer and compare with your live performance. The Concert Hands System comes with a library of ten songs of various music styles. Your favorite songscan be ordered through our website. With its lightweight, compact body and stylish, contemporary design, the Concert Hands System is an attractive addition to any room you play in.

The Concert Hands Software Program displaying colored finger boxes used to play matching colored piano keys






•Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home / XP Professional, Vista
•Computer and Software Program:
•Desktop or Laptop Computer
•Concert Hands Software
•CPU/Clock: Pentium processor 400MHz or higher
•Memory (RAM): 128 M bytes or more

Mac computers with Intel processors and Boot camp or Parallels

•6 foot long lightweight track & stand Dual Driving Mechanism
•Wrist Pilots: Two Pilots with wrist pilots
•Motor/Pulley: Two servomotors and pulley belts Power Supply
•Supplies power for entire unit including: 2 Motors, Controller Box and Finger Units.

•Songs: 10 Song Files
•Power Supply: 120V AC
•Dimensions: 70” (W) x 3” (D) x 3.5” (H)

•Weight with stand: 30 lbs.
Accessories: PDF Users Manual/ Installation Guide

•All specifications and appearances are subject to change without notice.

•The Concert Hands System name and product are trademarked and patent protected.

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